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DTF Tech Premium DTF Ink, Formulated in USA

DTF Tech Premium DTF Ink, Formulated in USA

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This is a bottle of DTF Technologies Premium DTF Ink by DTF Technologies that is engineered for Desktop and Wide Format Printhead.

The white settle around 48 hours of standby or no activity if temperature is 60F or higher and 24-36 hrs below 60F. Best use if humidity is between 40-60% and temperature between 65-85F.

The opacity far more better compare to other ink. Try it to compare.

The ink is formulated for printer with no ink circulation like Epson printers. It requires to shake only before using it everyday and will last 24-48 hours before it settled. 

It is best use also for Chinese design printer with circulation present. 

Its available in Desktop and Wide format printers, gravity feed to pressurized ink system.

The opacity and stretchability is excellent. If you compare the opacity or whiteness of white ink, you can see the major difference. Stretchability properties of this ink is upto 3 centimeter.  As the adhesive or powder and the fabric stretch, the ink is also stretching to avoid cracking.

 Life will last upto 2 years under room temperature.

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